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Marshall Trees & Nursery (formerly Marshall Evergreens, Inc.) was founded in 1988 by Donnie DeShon.    Planting its roots in Higginsville, Missouri, Marshall Trees & Nursery began their operation as wholesale growers.  The nursery claimed 170 acres and specialized in evergreens.

The name "Marshall" orginated not from a family name but from a specific type of soil: Marshall silt loom.  The soil comes from the Missouri River basin and is one of the most productive soil types.  Marshall Trees & Nursery used Marshall silt loom to grow top quality plants and it helped them make a name within the wholesale nursery chain.

As time progressed, Marshall Trees & Nursery began to grow and the product mix quickly changed from primarily evergreens to shade and ornamental trees and shrubs.  Having developed a vast amount of products, Marshall Trees & Nursery had to relocate.

In 1995, Marshall Trees & Nursery moved to Kearney, Missouri.  In Kearney, the nursery expanded to greenhouse production, growing perennials and groundcover.  (Marshall Trees & Nursery also continued its growth of quality evergreens!)
In 2005, the name was changed as to not confuse consumers.  It was meant to imply that Marshall Trees & Nursery had the ability to grow trees, shrubs, and perennials, as well as, distribute small amounts of nursery stock or tractor trailer loads to any part of the United States.

After 17 years of experience in both growing and distribution of plant material, Marshall Trees & Nursery continues to be a name within the wholesale nursery chain, as well as, the retail nursery chain.  VISIT MARSHALL TREES & NURSERY TODAY AND PURCHASE TREES, SHRUBS, OR PERENNIALS FROM OUR EXPERIENCED GROWERS!

             Marshall Trees & Nursery
          1100 N. Jefferson
          Kearney, MO  64060
          Ph: (816) 628-4266
          Fax: (816) 628-4499
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