Canaerti Juniper

Canaerti Juniper Canaerti Juniper is a great choice for windbreaks and privacy screens, and used extensively in the midwest. Foliage is a good dark green color. Another good characteristic is the abundance of berries produced, making this a good source of wildlife food. This variety will perform well in just about any location.
  • Description: Sold as small plants forming a tight pyramid but develops into a small tree.
  • Plant type: Coniferous Shrubs
  • Hardiness zone: 3-9
  • Sunlight: full
  • Moisture: average
  • Soil & Site: average
  • Flowers: Flowers are inconspicuous. Forms small berry-like cones that contain 1-4 seeds. Cones mature from green to greenish white to bluish white to blue. Plants are dioecious, having both sexes on the same tree
  • Dimensions: young plants are tightly branched, open with age, reaching 20-30 feet tall

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Information source: University of Missouri - Horitculture

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