Perennials & Groundcovers

Achillea Coronation Gold 42" Yellow Sun June-October Butterflies
Summer Pastel 24" Mixed Sun June-September Butterflies
Artemisia Powis Castle 24-36" Silver Sun August-September
Silver Mound 12" Silver Sun August-September
Astilbe Fanal 24" Red Shade/Part Sun July-August
Rheinland 24" Deep Rose Shade/Part Sun July-August
Sprite 10-15" Light Pink Shade/Part Sun July-August
White Gloria 18-24" White Shade/Part Sun July-August
Bleeding Heart Alba 24-36" White Shade/Part Sun April-May
Stuart Boothman 12" Rose Sun/Shade May
Catmint Blue Wonder 12-14" Purple Shade/Part Sun June-October Butterflies
Coneflower Magnus 36" Purple Sun June-September Butterflies
Rubinstern 'Red Star' 40" Red Sun June-October Butterflies
White Swan 24-36" White Sun June-September Butterflies
Coral Bells Purple Palace 18-24" Mahagony Shade/Part Sun May-June Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Coreopsis Moonbean 18-24" Yellow Sun June-September Butterflies
Rosea 12-24" Rose Sun June-September Butterflies
Zagreb 12-18" Yellow Sun June-September Butterflies
Daisy Alaska 24-36" White Sun May-October
Robinson's Hybrid 24-36" Red/Pink/White Shade/Part Sun June-July
Daylily Frans Hals 28" Gold/Bright Orange Sun July-August Hummingbirds
Gentle Shepherd 29" White Sun June-July Hummingbirds
Hall's Pink 24" Pink Sun June Hummingbirds
Happy Returns 18" Light Yellow Sun June Hummingbirds
Hyperion 30-36" Yellow Sun June-July Hummingbirds
Little Business 15" Red Sun June-July Hummingbirds
Melon 24" Melon Sun June Hummingbirds
Pardon Me 18" Red Sun July Hummingbirds
Stella d' Oro 12-24" Yellow Sun Summer Hummingbirds
Dianthus Bath's Pink 16" Pink Ranges Sun June-July Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Zing Rose 6" Rose Red Sun May-June Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Fern Christmas 12-18" Dark Green Shade/Part Sun
Cinnamon 24-36" Waxy Green Shade/Part Sun
Lady 15-30" Bright Green/Yellow Shade/Part Sun Moist Soil
Japanese Painted 14" Silver Gray-Green Shade/Part Sun
Gaillardia Arizona Sun 12-15" Red/Yellow Sun June-September Butterflies
Burgunder 14-20" Wine Red Sun June-September Butterflies
Geranium Johnson's Blue 18" Blue Sun/Part Shade June-July
Hosta Blue Cadet 15"x18" Blue Shade/Part Sun July
Francee 18"x36" Dark Green Shade/Part Sun August
Francis Williams 12-26" Blue Green Shade/Part Sun July  
Fragrant Bouquet 22"x48" White  Shade/Part Sun August
Golden Tiara 15"x24" Gold Margins Shade/Part Sun July
Guacamole 18"x48" Chart Green/Dark Edge Shade/Part Sun July
Honeybells 30"x48" Light Green Shade/Sun August
Hyacynthia 18"x24" Dark Green Shade July
Minute Man 24"x48" Dark Green/White Shade July
Patriot 18"x24" Dark Green/White Shade July
Royal Standard 24"x48" Apple Green Shade/Part Sun July
Shade Fanfare 18"x24" Light Yellow Green Shade July
Seibold 30"x48" Green/Pink Shade July
Siebold Elegans 36"x50" Steel Blue Shade July
So Sweet 18"x24" Medium Green/White Shade August
Stilleto 6"x8" Medium Green/White Shade July
Sum & Substance 30"x60" Chartreuse Shade July
Iris Caesar's Brother 42" Dark Blue Sun May-June
Variegated 36-48" Deep Green/White Sun/Part Shade May-June
Lavender Hidcote Blue 12" Gray/Deep Purple Sun June-September Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Rosea 12-15" Gray/Pink Sun June-September Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Leadwort Plumbago 12" Blue Sun/Part Shade Aug. Butterflies
Liatris Kobold Blue 16-22" Rosey Violet Sun/Part Shade May-October Butterflies
Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley 6-8" White Sun/Part Shade May
Lobelia Queen Victoria 36" Bronze Sun/Shade July-September Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Lythrum Morden Pink 3' Rose Pink Sun July-September Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Monarda Scarlet 36-48" Bright Red Sun July-August Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Phlox Miss Ellie 20-24" Pink Sun July Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Red Riding Hood 22" Red Sun July Butterflies/Hummingbirds
Rudbeckia GoldStrum 24-30" Yellow Sun June-September Butterflies
Russian Sage Russian Sage 40-48" Blue Sun July-September
Salvia May Night 16-20" Deep Indigo Sun June-Aug.
Purple Knockout 16" Purple Sun June-September
Saponaria Soapwort 4-12" Pink Sun May-June
Scabiosa Butterfly Blue 16" Lavender Blue Sun June-September Butterflies
Pink Mist 16" Pink Sun June-September Butterflies
Sedum Autumn Joy 18-24" Green/Pink Sun August-September Butterflies
Purple Emperor 15" Purple/Pink Sun/Part Shade August-September Butterflies
Veronica Blue Charm 15-18" Blue Sun/Part Shade June-October Butterflies
Blue Carpet 6" Blue Sun/Part Shade May-June Butterflies
Red Fox 12" Rose Red Sun/Part Shade June-August Butterflies
Royal Candles 12-15" Blue Sun/Part Shade June-August Butterflies
Ajuga Bronze Beauty 6-8" Bronze/Blue Sun/Shade May-June
Burgundy Glow 6-8" Tricolor/Blue Sun/Shade May-June
Chocolate Chip 2" Chocolate/Blue Sun/Shade May-June
Euonymus Coloratus 8" Green Sun/Shade Evergreen
Ivy Thorndale 10-30" Green Shade Evergreen
Pachysandra Japanese Spurge 6-8" Green/White Shade/Part Sun May
Plumbago Leadwort 8-10" Bright Green/Blue Sun/Shade July
Sedum Blue 4" Blue/Yellow Sun/Shade July
Dragon's Blood 3-4" Green/Red Sun/Shade August
Kamschatca 3-4" Blue/Yellow Sun/Shade August
Vinca Minor Periwinkle 6" Green/Purple Sun/Shade April-May

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