Pink Dogwood

Tulip Tree The flowering dogwood is unquestionably the most popular of our native flowering trees. It is the official state tree of Missouri.

Rounded to upright, 30 feet, open, horizontal branching. Growth slow to moderate. Spectacular white bracts with flowers, before leaves appear. Glossy, red medium fruits persist in fall. Foliage lustrous, scarlet in fall.

Used as specimens, masses or naturalized under large trees. Prefers deep, moist but well-drained soil. Avoid deep planting and a hot, dry exposure. Improve tight or shallow soils and use a mulch. Needs water during drought. Old or injured specimens subject to borer damage. Not reliably hardy in northernmost parts of the state.

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Information source: University of Missouri - Horitculture | Image Source: Biology Dept. Missouri State University

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