To protect slender trees from wind damage, guy-wires should be installed for support. When staking, keep in mind that the main stem will grow stronger quicker if the top of the tree is free to move with the wind. Set staking posts in line with the tree trunk, away far enough so the trunk cannot rub against the post and damage the bark. Use a broad bandage or run wire through a rubber hose to strap the tree. Tie the tree at a point just high enough to hold it upright in calm weather. Under windy conditions, the tree should return to its vertical position when the wind stops.

While working around the tree be careful not to damage the tree trunk, which could kill the tree or permit insect infestation.

Young trees should be able to support their own weight, but when they are transplanted, they often need time to reestablish themselves.Guy-wiring a young tree can help it establish itself. Also, many nurseries plant their trees very close together to maximize use of space and stake them to promote height growth at the expense of trunk strength. When shopping for trees, look for trees with branches all along the trunk, not just at the top.

Once a tree is planted, it will concentrate its energy on standing upright. If it is unable to do so, try thinning out the upper branches to reduce wind resistance. If that is not enough and you find you have to stake a tree, remember the following:

 Only stake the tree long enough for it to be able to stand on its own.

 Stakes should not be too tight- there should be room for the tree to sway in the wind.

 Stakes should not be too loose- the tree should not rub against the stakes.

 Stakes should be buried at least 1.5 feet underground to provide ample support.

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